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How to specify permissions for members Print

Using the Management Console you can specify permissions for your users. You may have users who only need send permissions and others who only require receive permissions. There will also be users who need to send and receive files.

The available permissions depend on the portal type you are working with:
  • Send portal: Send and Receive permissions are available.
  • Authenticated Send portal: Send to member, Send to non-member and Receive are available. The Send to non-member permission can only be enabled when Send to member is enabled. The Send to non-member permission allows members to transfer content to people who are not members of the portal. These people are then automatically added as members of the portal with receive-only permission. You can edit these members and give them additional permissions as needed.
  • Submit portal: Submit permission is available.
  • Share portal: Send from Share and Auto Delivery are available and Folder permissions can be configured.
    • Folders enables you to configure permissions on a folder-by-folder basis. When you add a member, Portal Root is displayed and no permissions are set. To set Portal Root as the Home folder, set the permissions (Upload, Download, Delete). To set a different folder as the Home folder, click Change, select the folder, click OK and set the permissions (Upload, Download, Delete). When the member's Home folder is not Portal Root you can add folders and set permissions using Add Linked Folder. Click Add Linked Folder, select the folder, click OK and set the permissions (Upload, Download, Delete).
    • Send from Share is only available if this option is enabled on the General page in the Media Shuttle Configuration Console. When enabled, portal members can send content to members and non-members of the Share portal.
    • Auto Delivery is only available if you have enabled Auto Delivery on the General page. Auto Delivery allows members to automatically upload content to, or download content from a Share portal. Files and folders placed in a member specified local source folder are uploaded to the member's portal home folder without user intervention. Alternatively, files and folders shared in the member's portal home folder are automatically downloaded to the member specified destination folder. Members are prompted to download and install the Signiant App. Your members can read Downloading and Installing the Signiant App for complete instructions. After logging into the portal, members must turn on the Automatic switch and specify how they want to use Auto Delivery (upload or download).