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How to export member details Print

Do the following to export member details:
  1. In the Management Console, click Members.
  2. On the Members page, click Export. You are prompted to open or save the CSV file.
Members details are exported in the following CSV format:


"","Mike","Forrester","Member is active","New Media","2012-08-28","TRUE","TRUE","FALSE","TRUE"

The exported CSV file contains an additional field: statusText. This indicates the member status - as highlighted in the list of members with the Status icon.

You can edit member properties in the exported CSV file and when you import the CSV file back into Media Shuttle, these changes are updated and displayed on the Members page. For example, if you change a member's expiration date, this is reflected on the Members page upon import of the CSV file. Note: you cannot delete a member from the exported CSV file, member deletion can only be done on the Members page.