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Media Shuttle is reporting the wrong amount of repository space Print


I've deleted files on my repository in order to free up space because my portal is reporting that my drive is full. Problem is when I did this it did not change the Storage bar in my Admin.


Deleting actual files from the repository does not free up space according to the Portal status page. The Storage bar is updated by the database. The only way to reduce the value is to configure your portal through the site to remove files automatically. 

What happens if you need to free up space right away and can not wait until midnight?

For example you have 100 GB of space on your drive and you have the repository set to 98GB and it is reading full. You've already deleted most of the files in the repository folder but your portal is reporting it is full and you are unable to transfer any files.

Increase the allotted space on the Portal with to a value such as 150GB. The portal does not do an available space check on the repository drive so you can put whatever you need in here. This allows you to use the portal for your transfer today.

Once this is completed and you have retrieved the file, set the allotted space back to 98GB and configure the Remove files older than field to 1 day.

This job runs at midnight every night and your Portal storage indicator will be back to normal over the next day.