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Information on the agent executables Print


Is there a brief description about the function of the agent's executable files?


The following is a brief description of the executables on included in an agent install's bin directory.
  • dds_admin - administer the agent locally
  • dds_browse - used to browse remote file systems (agent version is not used)
  • dds_cert - administer the local certificate info
  • dds_cfgutil - used to get/set information on the local installation (used within a lot of the solutions)
  • dds_cmd_agnt - called by dds_pc to start a remote command session
  • dds_cnctst - used to test the network speed between two agents
  • dds_compress - file compression utility
  • dds_cp - file copy utility
  • dds_decrypt - file decryption utility
  • dds_delver - used to translate certified delivery logs
  • dds_encrypt - file encryption utility
  • dds_file_agnt - called by dds_pc to start a file transfer session
  • dds_hash - file hash utility
  • dds_hostnm - returns the name and IP of the local machine as the software see it (good for testing local name resolution issues)
  • dds_lookup - does a host/ip lookup as the software would (good for testing local and remote name resolution issues)
  • dds_pc - control service (listener for connections)
  • dds_pctest - utility for testing connectivity of the local agent or remote agents
  • dds_proc_agnt - called by dds_pc to start a file process transfer (rarely used)
  • dds_proc_intf - used by the dds_proc_agnt for input/output
  • dds_pwutil - used to cache grant passwords (obsolete)
  • dds_ratesrv - server side for the dds_cnctst command
  • dds_rm - file deletion utility
  • dds_sign - digital signature utility
  • dds_tnnl_agnt - used to establish a tunnel to another agent
  • dds_udp_relay - UDP agent relay service
  • findfiles - file listing utility (based on the linux find command)
  • mktmpfile - create temporary file utility
  • siguninstall - uninstall script
  • siguninstall.exe - uninstall executable
  • ssl_intf - called by dds_pc for SSL communications