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Downloading and Installing the Linux Storage Server Print

You can download the Linux Storage server software from site.

During the download process, ensure that you capture the server registration key from the web page.

The installation can be done from a command line once the installer has been extracted and copied to the Linux machine and the registration key is saved.

  1. Navigate to and log-in with a portal administrator credentials.
  2. Click Storage and then click Add.
  3. Click I agree to the terms of the license agreement.
  4. Click Linux to download the software. Place the installer in a folder on your Linux machine.
  5. Copy the Storage Server Registration Key.
  6. In a command line window, type ./ to run the installer. For a silent install, use ./ -help to provide feedback with the supported arguments.For example, ./ -s -directory=/your/install/directory -registration-key=<server_key_from_step5>
Note: The key can only be used once. To reinstall the storage server, complete the above procedure again. To install on multiple Linux systems, use the Generate a new registration key link displayed in the Add window. One key is required per install. A client upgrade does not require a new key and can be executed on each agent using the new binary.