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Media Shuttle on Windows 2012 Service Fails to Start Print


The Media Shuttle Web Server Service does not start on a Windows 2012 server. The command netstat -ano shows that a kernel process is listening on TCP port 80.

This process is bound to TCP 80 and is preventing the Media Shuttle Web Server Service from connecting and starting.


The process binding TCP 80 needs to be terminated before the Media Shuttle Web Server Service can launch.  Windows has an HTTP.SYS service which listens to port 80. Other processes can register specific URLs with this process and receive data. This service is not displayed in any of the normal service listings.
To disable the HTTP.SYS process, run the following from a command prompt with administrator privileges (right click cmd.exe, select – run as admin):
                net stop http /y
                sc config http start= disabled

Article ID:  2079715