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How to make your storage server run as relay Print

Storage servers (and Signiant Agents) can be placed in the DMZ to function solely as secure relay points for your Media Shuttle file transfer traffic.
NOTE:  To ensure proper browsing functionality with Share portals, make sure that your storage server is at version 2.0.0 or later.
To have a currently installed and registered Media Shuttle storage server run as a relay, do the following:
  1. On your storage server, open the following file in an editor:
    • C:\Program Files\Signiant Media Shuttle\bin\agent\bin\dds.cfg (Windows)
    • /usr/Signiant_Media_Shuttle/bin/agent/bin/dds.conf (Linux).
  2. Set relay mode to: relay mode is open.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the Media Shuttle storage server:
    • On Windows: Start->Programs->Media Shuttle Services->Restart Services
    • On Linux type: /etc/init.d/signiant.restart
  5. Log into and on the Storage page highlight the storage, click the options button and select Advanced. Enable Relays and enter up to four relays in a comma-separated list using the hostname or IP address.
To configure your relay, do the following on the same server:

Option #1 - Using dds_admin
  1. Run dds_admin (from the bin\agent\bin) directory.
  2. >addrelay {hostname of storage server hosting the portal} {IP address of storage server hosting the portal} port=49221
  3. >quit
Option #2 – Manual change to dds.cfg file

(Windows) C:\Program Files\Signiant Media Shuttle\bin\agent\bin\dds.cfg
(Linux) /usr/Signiant_Media_Shuttle/bin/agent/bin/dds.conf
  • Enter the line:  Proxy for {hostname of storage server hosting the portal} is {IP address of storage server hosting the portal} port=49221
Example:  Proxy for portal-server is port=49221
Once you have finished configuring your relay(s), configure your firewall rules to ensure that inbound traffic (i.e., coming into the relay) is routed to known/expected internal storage servers.

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