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Media Shuttle SAML Authentication with Okta Print

Media Shuttle IT Administrators can enable SAML 2.0 single sign on authentication for Media Shuttle using Okta, a popular identity provider. To use Okta, you must create a custom application in Okta, then upload the application’s identity provider metadata to Media Shuttle.

Creating your Okta Application

  1. In the Okta Classic UI, click Applications to open the Applications menu.

  2. Click Add Application.

  3. Click Create New App.

  4. Select Web for Platform, SAML 2.0 for Sign on Method.

  5. Enter your App Name, e.g., Media Shuttle, and set your general settings as required.

  6. Configure SAML for your Media Shuttle account:

Note: The examples in this guide use as an example URL.

Setting Name Recommended Value
Single Sign-on URL
Audience URI (SP Entity ID) mediashuttle
Name ID Format Transient
Application Username Email
  1. In the Attribute Statements section, add as a Name, set the Name Format as unspecified set the value to

  2. Click Next, then Finish to complete setting up your application.

Uploading your Identity Provider Metadata to Media Shuttle

Once you have completed setting up your Okta application, click on your application to open it, and download your Identity Provider Metadata from the Sign On menu. Save the Metadata as an XML file.

  1. From the Media Shuttle IT administrator console, select the portal you want to use with Okta.

  2. Enable SAML 2.0 authentication.

  3. In the Identity Provider Metadata section, click Browse.

  4. Upload your Identity Provider Metadata XML file.

  5. Click Save changes to finish configuration.