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Content Protection


Content Protection is a new feature that enables customers with highly confidential content to create ‘your eyes only’ file transfers by creating a passphrase that encrypts the delivery. Learn how to enable this feature with this video.

Added September 6, 2017  

End-user Controls | More than Just Transfers


With Media Shuttle, administration and usability is easy for all types of users. For end-users, we’ll show you what controls you have to self-sufficiently manage your account to enhance productivity, and how to get the support you need from us and your admins.

Added August 23, 2017  

Best Practices for Maintaining Your Shuttle Portals


Media Shuttle includes dozens of features that give users, managers, and administrators the flexibility they need to be efficient and productive in their workflow processes. In this lightning session we’ll share best practices for maintaining your portals. This session is ideal for new team members that are getting up to speed, or for current users that could use a refresher.


Team Communications within Media Shuttle

This upcoming training session will cover team communications in Media Shuttle. We will take a look at how to monitor portal activity and send notifications to team members to keep projects on track. We’ll also review features like message box and contact admin.


5 Practical Tips for Managing Portal Members

  This customer training lightning session is a reminder on how to manage portal members in Media Shuttle. We’ll cover the whole landscape from the basics to more advanced functionality including adding/removing members, managing permissions, enabling portals to send to non-members, and importing/exporting members across portals.


Tips to Configure Shuttle Portals for Multiple Workflow Applications



Media Shuttle’s three portal types – send, share and submit – offer customers the flexibility to use the solution for a wide variety of applications.  Join us for this upcoming webinar where we’ll dive deeper into each portal type sharing tips from real-world examples on ways to configure your portals to support different workflow needs..


Top 10 Reasons to Create Multiple Portals

With Media Shuttle, you have the ability to set up multiple portals from a single subscription. You can create a portal for every project, customer or partner, as many as you need with no additional cost. 

Learn about the top 10 ways customers are using different portals to be more efficient and organized.


Media Shuttle Customizing Your Portal


Join the many Media Shuttle customers that have already realized the benefits of customizing their portals. Learn how to take advantage of the ability to create a unique look and feel for your portals, also:

  • Reasons why you’d want to create a custom look
  • Which elements can be customized
  • How to easily make changes to your portal
Please visit the Customizing Your Media Shuttle Portal article for the full How-To steps covered in this video. 


Unique Folders for Submit Portals

We’ve now added an option to Submit Portals that allows you to organize deliveries into folders unique to the sender. This functionality can help avoid collision of duplicate files being uploaded by different users, as well as make it easy to identify who uploaded the content.


Avoid Transfer Interruptions

File transfer delays happen. Use these important best practices to avoid interruptions that you can control, and ensure your files are delivered on-time.


Send from Share

Learn how to send links to files from share portals without requiring a recipient to login to the share portal. For additional information on this new feature, please visit our FAQ


How to View ETA of Active Transfers

Need to know when an activated transfer will be received/delivered? Watch this video to learn how! Also read what our customers are saying about the huge benefit of knowing precisely when their files will arrive 


How To Animate Your Portal Background

Want to add a visual kick to your portal background? In just a few easy steps, your portal can go from “cool” to “WOW!”