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New Media Shuttle Feature - Media Shuttle Transfer Window Options Print

With the recent release of Media Shuttle, we've updated the Media Shuttle transfer window options for send and submit portals.

Based on their privileges, Media Shuttle members can choose to do the following:
  • Invite non-members
  • Add a message
  • Content protection (send portals only)
To view and enable these options, members click the gear icon in the Media Shuttle transfer window.

When all three options are enabled, the Media Shuttle transfer window displays the following:

Invite non-members
When the send portal administrator has enabled this member privilege, members are able to invite and send content to people who aren't members of the portal.

Add a message
When enabled, send and submit Media Shuttle members can include a message for their transfer recipients.

Content protection
Allows send portal members to protect their content with a shared passphrase. The passphrase must contain between 8 and 50 characters in total, including at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number or symbol.
(Media Shuttle send portal members must remember to communicate this passphrase to transfer recipients.)

IT administrators have the option of enforcing content protection for their send portal members. On the General page in the Media Shuttle Configuration Console, IT administrators can enable Enforce content protection. By default, this option is not enabled.