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New Media Shuttle Feature - Media Shuttle Transfers Without an Installed Signiant App/Plug-in Print

Media Shuttle users rely on Signiant for fast, reliable and secure file transfers. Installing the Signiant App or Plug-in provides the fastest way to transfer your files. However, there are a few situations when you need to transfer files, but it may not be possible to install the App or Plug-in.

Q: Why is Signiant introducing an option to perform Media Shuttle transfers without installing an App or Plug-in?
A: While we expect the vast majority of end users to use the App or Plug-in for the best transfer experience, there are two scenarios in which we see this capability being used:
  • There may be a company with a locked-down corporate IT environment within the ecosystems of some customers. And, it may be impractical for that company's employees to install the App or Plug-in.
  • Some users may need to access files sent or shared with Media Shuttle on a broader range of devices such as mobiles, tablets, and other devices running Android or IOS.

Q: How is this option enabled?
A: This option is set in the interface on a per-portal basis. Consider disabling this option when neither of the above scenarios apply to your user base of a particular portal.

Q: Will file transfers be accelerated when transferring without the App/Plug-in?
A: No, you will need the Signiant App or Plug-in to experience file acceleration and some other features (see tables below for full details).
Feature With App/Plug-in Without App/Plug-in
Full Support
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Encryption Yes Yes
File History Yes Yes
Mobile Support Submit only (w/iOS App) iOS, Android (all portal types) w/browser
Proxy Support Yes Yes
Tracking and Logging Yes Yes
Signiant Approved Browser/OS Support Yes Yes
Feature With App/Plug-in Without App/Plug-in
Limited Support
Active Transfer Visibility from Ops admin Yes Limited
File Size Limits None Practical limits based on time
Files and Folders Many files, folders Single file
Portal Storage Local, Cloud Object Storage Local, Cloud Object Storage
Transfer Duration Limits No No
Debug Logging Yes Limited
Resume Interrupted Transfers Yes Limited - provided by browser
Not Approved Signiant Browser/OS No Permitted - but may not work
Feature With App/Plug-in Without App/Plug-in
No Support
Acceleration Yes No
Auto Delivery Yes No
Content Protection (Encrypted Deliveries Using Send Portals) Yes No

Prerequisites for local storage

Q: What contract do I need for Media Shuttle to use this service?

A: You must have signed the latest cloud object storage addendum because this service securely routes content through the Media Shuttle cloud. This routing allows you to use the no client service without opening inbound firewall rules to your storage server.

Q: What version of the storage server do I need to use the no client option?
A: You must be running version 2.2.1. Upgrade your storage server to at least version 2.0 before upgrading to version 2.2.1. Verify your installed storage server version on

If you are not using version 2.0 or higher, simply restart your storage server (it should download and install the latest version on a restart). If this does not occur, please contact our support team for additional troubleshooting help or visit to look for knowledge base articles that may help.

Q: Are there specific network rules required to enable no client software?
A: No, as long as the storage server software and the end user can make HTTPS 443 connections outbound you won’t see any issues. If you currently have share portals working properly, this means that you are already properly setup.