Signiant Support

Enable Object Transfer for TAPI Transfers Print

To enable your TAPI capable agents to use Object Storage do the following:

To configure the specifics of your local object storage installation:

  1. From your Signiant Manager application, go to Administration>AgentsList, which brings you to the Agent List.
  2. Right-Click an agent to open the context menu, select Edit.
  3. If the agent is not already configured for CTE transfers, on the Content Transfer SDK tab, select Enable Content Transfer SDK.

    The Content Transfer SDK default options generally work for the Transfer API SDK. For more information on configuring the Content Transfer SDK, click the context help menu.
  4. On the Object Storage tab, select Enable Local Object Storage.
  5. Click OK to save changes.
  6. At the agent console, or via SSH to the agent, go to the Signiant bin directory.  By default this is found at /usr/signiant/dds/bin

    > cd  /usr/signiant/dds/bin
  7. Encode your secret key: 

    > ./dds_instutil encode_pw –p <secret-key>
  8. Run ./dds_admin and enter your root password when prompted.
  9. From the dds_admin prompt, link to your storage server by entering the following JSON object:
    > addap itc_object_creds {"s3-object-storage-access":{"storage-server":"<your_storage_server>","bucket":"<your_bucket_name>","subfolder":"<subfolder_if_required>","access-style":"virtual-domain","access-key":"<your_S3_accesskey>","secret-key":"<output_from_dds_instutil>"}}
  10. Exit dds_admin with quit to return to your terminal.
To update your stored credentials, follow the same procedure as above using your new credentials.  This will replace the credentials stored in the agent with the new credentials provided.

To view previous stored credentials, run "./dds_admin" as above and issue the following command from the dds_admin prompt:

> getap itc_object_creds

To delete the stored credentials, thereby removing the ability for the agent to access object storage, run "./dds_admin" as above and issue the following command:

> delap itc_object_creds