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Unique Folders for Submit Portals

We’ve now added an option to Submit Portals that allows you to organize deliveries into folders unique to the sender. This functionality can help avoid collision of duplicate files being uploaded by different users, as well as make it easy to identify who uploaded the content.


Avoid Transfer Interruptions

File transfer delays happen. Use these important best practices to avoid interruptions that you can control, and ensure your files are delivered on-time.


Send from Share

Learn how to send links to files from share portals without requiring a recipient to login to the share portal. For additional information on this new feature, please visit our FAQ


How to View ETA of Active Transfers

Need to know when an activated transfer will be received/delivered? Watch this video to learn how! Also read what our customers are saying about the huge benefit of knowing precisely when their files will arrive 


How To Animate Your Portal Background

Want to add a visual kick to your portal background? In just a few easy steps, your portal can go from “cool” to “WOW!”