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Product Update: What's new in Media Shuttle

  The April 10, 2017 release of Media Shuttle included the following:
  • Media Shuttle Transfers Without the Installed Signiant App/Plug-In:
    Portals that use object-based cloud storage can now be accessed by end users who are unable to install the Signiant App or Plug-In. The no client option does not include acceleration. However, it has all the great notification, auditing, tracking and usability features of Media Shuttle. Learn more...
  • Full iOS/Android Support Without the Installed Signiant App/Plug-In:
    All portals enabled with the no client option, as described above, can now be used through your browser on your iOS and Android devices. Learn more...
  • Share Download Ordering:
    You can now more easily select files from multiple folders and order the download so that your most important files are downloaded first (applies to the Signiant App only). Learn more..Q

Product Update: What's new in Managers + Agents  

Dear Signiant Customer,

Signiant is pleased to announce general availability of the Signiant Manager+Agents V13.0 software today. This release introduces ObjectMover Workflows, a new licensed feature that supports transfers to and from S3 compatible local (on premises) object storage. Signiant v13.0 Agents connect directly to S3-compatible local object storage, and have been validated with offerings from EMC, NetApp, Quantum and other major storage suppliers.

Security is always Signiant’s top priority, and with Signiant Manager+Agents v13.0, we have improved upon our transfer security by adding support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. When Signiant v13.0 Agent initiates a transfer, security handshakes will negotiate to the highest common TLS version supported by both agents. SSL v3 and lower are no longer supported.

Below are a few more key features and enhancements included in this release:

o  Multiple new dashboard widgets including:
  • File View: search for a specific file and view all applicable transfer details
  • Transfer Volume: overview of the transfer activity for selected Agent
  • Bandwidth Utilization: bandwidth utilization for all transfers that are currently running on the selected Agent
  • Zoomable Agent Status: zoom in on a specific location to see agent status details
o  Support for de-duplicated file systems on Windows Agents
o  Allow publishing of job reports
o  Directory Services timeout option
o  Updates to user permissions for improved security
o  Support for the latest releases of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge

For further details on all new features and enhancements, and for customers upgrading from previous releases, please refer to the release notes.

To obtain a copy of Signiant Manager+Agents 13.0, please login to the Signiant Software Portal. If you do not have a login account to the portal, please request one from Signiant Support by emailing

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